Welcome to Atees Europe

Atees has become a well established brand and we have dabbled in all sorts of projects across the country and our goal is to continue to do that, constantly striving to create new products that meet the needs of the people.
ATEES (pronounced A-T-ees) representation of who we are at the core – a family business. Representing the initials of our family name,Ambalathveetil Thazathakayil, ATEES has become a well-established brand (albeit under a different platform)and we have dabbled in all sorts of projects across the countries we operate in. And now, well we just want to keep on doing that with an eye on innovation and on the needs of the people.
In this dynamic day and age, we understand that things are constantly changing and so we make sure we keep up with market trends and innovations, always adapting to the new so that we can deliver the very best.
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, ATEES helps to connect consumers and local business through our portfolio of online directories, online property listings and operator-assisted phone services.

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